How to Teach Media Literacy


Media literacy connects the curriculum of the classroom with the curriculum of the living room. Making these connections requires an educationally sound framework and structure — while leaving room for open-ended inquiry and the excitement of discovery.   "Media education is a quest for meaning. Much of the value of a quest lies in the search itself as well as in the achievement of the goal."
— Chris Worsnop

  Recommended Educational Resources

CML MediaLit Kit™ / A Framework for Learning and Teaching in a Media Age
Now all together in one place, the components of inquiry-based media literacy using the Five Core Concepts and CML’s Five Key Questions of Media Literacy. Covers media literacy:
     · Practice
     · Implementation

Curriculum resources and lesson plans 

Media Literacy Works: Case Studies and Success Stories in Media Literacy Education (see Articles and Reports below) 

  Articles and Reports
From our online Reading Room and Media&Values Archive we've selected pertinent studies, reflective articles, research reports and news items to help you explore this topic thoroughly.
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     • CML Pilots Media Literacy Unit for Obesity, Nutrition Education
     • Collaborating for Success: Classroom teachers and video specialists
     • Criteria for A Successful Media Education Program
     • Critical Viewing and Critical Thinking Skills
     • Defining Media Violence: It's Not so Easy!
     • Educational Standards and Media Literacy
     • Five Key Questions That Can Change the World
     • Getting Started: Ideas for Introducing Media Literacy in your School or District
     • How Media Education Is Like What You Already Know
     • How to Conduct a ‘Close Analysis' of a Media ‘Text'
     • Instructional Practices In Media Literacy Education And Their Impact On Students' Learning
     • Literacy for the 21st Century: An Overview & Orientation Guide to Media Literacy         Education
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     • Media Literacy Day '99 Spotlights Successful Skills for Teaching
     • Media Literacy Finds a Home in McREL Language Arts Standards
     • Media Literacy Questionnaire for English Language Learners
     • More Media Savvy Than She Thinks
     • Orthodoxy is the Enemy: Four Ways NOT to Teach Media Literacy
     • Questioning the Media — Plus Essential Questions for Teachers
     • Seven Great Debates in the Media Literacy Movement -- Circa 2001
     • Student-Produced Morning News
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     • Teach Kids to Make TV!
     • Teachers as Media Creators
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     • What are Other Countries Doing in Media Education?
     • What Media Literacy is NOT
     • Words of Wisdom: Teaching CML's Five Key Questions
     • Working with Basics: Miracles DO Happen!
     • WORKSHOP REPORT: How to do Assessment and Evaluation in Media Literacy
     • WORKSHOP REPORT: Integrating Media Literacy Across the Curriculum