Launched for Global MIL/National Media Literacy Week... Video Highlights of Fulbright-NATO Report: Building Resiliency

A short video, highlighting important take-aways from Tessa Jolls' Fulbright-NATO Report called "Building Resiliency: Media Literacy as a Strategic Defense Strategy for the Transatlantic,"  is now available on CML's YouTube Channel, MediaLit Kit.  The video features a conversation between Michael Danielson, chair of the State of Washington's  Action for Media Education (AME) advocacy group and a high school teacher at Seattle Preparatory School, and Tessa Jolls, CML's President and report author.  

The video addresses Jolls findings on the state of the field, and the current need for scaling and institutionalizing media literacy, so that it becomes part of the cultural fabric of democratic societies.  

Link to video: