Media & Values (Issues 52-63)

Media and Violence / Part Two:
Searching for Solutions
Issue #63
Fall 1993
credible media literacy programs beyond blame violence part 2
Exploring the Theme
What’s Wrong with the Ratings?
Taking a Stand: A Postcard Campaign for Nonviolent Media
Like Money in the Bank: Understanding Media's Investment in Violence
What Other Countries Do About Ratings
New Heroes for a New Age
Imagine: A Media of Meaning
No More Blood at Eleven: Alternatives to Crime Reporting
Reflection / Action
Challenging the Myths of Media Violence
20 Ways to Create a Caring Culture - Part I
20 Ways to Create a Caring Culture - Part II
Something New is Waiting to be Born
The Three Stages of Political Advertising
Media and Violence / Part One:
Making the Connection
Issue #62
Spring 1993
credible media literacy programs beyond blame media violence
Exploring the Theme
Beyond Blame: Media Literacy as Violence Prevention
Babylon Revisited: How Violent Myths Resurface Today
Making Connections: Media's Role in our Culture of Violence
Addicted to Violence: Has the American Dream Become a Nighmare?
Decade by Decade: Media Violence Marches On
Reflection / Action
The Violence Formula: Analyzing TV, Video and Movies
Measuring ‘Jolts Per Minute’
Defining Media Violence: It's Not so Easy!
Global Communication:
For the Powerful or the People?
Issue #61
Winter 1993
Learning global media communication
Exploring the Theme
All Power to the Conglomerate
Disaster Pornography from Somalia
Guidelines for Process Reporting
Communicating for Justice
Out of Africa: Western Media Stereotypes Shape Images
Native Canadians and the End of Storytelling
Society’s Storyteller: How TV Creates the Myths by which we Live
Media are the World; Media Literacy is the Guidebook
Reflection / Action
Listening to the Beat of World Music
Tuning in to Television:
News, Views and How to Live with It
Issue #59-60
Summer/Fall 1992
learning global media News and views
Exploring the Theme
STARTING POINT: Wrestling with Television
Sex and Consequences: Reflections of a TV Writer
Home, Home on the Remote: Why Do Men Control "the Clicker"?
Comics and Culture: The Cartoonist as TV Critic
It's a Whole New Ball Game
Alice Doesn't Live Here Any More, But the White Rabbit Does
Muktuk and Mass Media
Society’s Storyteller: How TV Creates the Myths by which we Live
EDITORIAL: Living With Television: Where Do We Go From Here?
Reflection / Action
News: Balance Bias with Critical Questions
Snapshots from a TV Album: Tuning in to Viewing Habits
Rethinking Democracy:
Citizenship in a Media Age
Issue #58
Spring 1992
credible media literacy programs digital citizenship
Exploring the Theme
STARTING POINT: In the Light of the Fires
Brave New World: Rediscovering Democratic Media
Making Politics Work
From Milton to Media: Information Flow in a Free Society
Reaching for the Common Good: Moyers interviews Bellah
Reflection / Action
Making Your Voice Heard: Tips for Getting on Talk Radio.
Teaching Media Democracy: Three Days to Insight
Impact of Images:
Life and Culture in the Media Age
Issue #57
Winter 1992
inquiry-based media literacy education
Exploring the Theme
STARTING POINT: Our image culture and why media literacy matters.
Rise of the Image Culture
The Power of Images: Creating the Myths of Our Time
Television and Consumption
Pictures in the Parlor
How TV Works
'America’s Wish Book' Sells Dreams
Making a Case for Media Literacy in the Classroom
Storytellers Shape Spiritual Values
Meeting Media in Every Corner of Our Lives
TELEVISION: The Search for Meaning
The Media:
In War and Peace
Issue #56
Fall 1991
Learning Global Media in War and Peace
Exploring the Theme
Marketing the Military: Should Soldiering Be Sold Like Soap?
Reporting Conventions Mask Sexual Politics
The Military-News Complex
Why Peace Isn’t Covered
Gulf War: The More We Watched, the Less We Knew
Media Literacy: Strengthening Democracy
Reflection / Action
More Diversity Found in Coverage
Media Images Pitch War for Profit
Doublespeak: How Jargon Turns Gore into Glory
Lessons to Learn
Living Room Wars: Vietnam vs. ‘Desert Storm’
Getting a Handle on Military Advertising
How to Evaluate War Movies
Fatal Attration:
The Selling of Addiction
Issue #54-55
research media literacy education
Exploring the Theme
STARTING POINT: Just Say Yes to Media Literacy
Our Culture of Addiction
Deadly Persuasion: 7 Myths Alcohol Advertisers Want You to Believe
The Selling of Addiction to Women
Women's Magazines Won't Bite the Hands That Feed Them
Cancer is an Equal Opportunity Disease
Alcohol and Television: And Now for Some Mixed Messages
Exploring the Theme
Alcohol in Prime Time: 10 Guidelines for Writers
Children and Television:
Growing Up in a Media World
Issue #52-53
Fall 1990 / Winter 1991
Media Literacy Programs Children and Television
Exploring the Theme
STARTING POINT: It all begins at home.
Five Important Ideas To Teach Your Kids About TV
Altered States: How Television Changes Childhood
Teach Kids to Make TV!
From Savers to Spenders: How Children Became a Consumer Market
Guidelines for Quality Children's Television
Wired Bedrooms: Kids' Media Choices Made Behind Closed Doors
When Kids are Watching: Confessions of a SitCom Producer
Reflection / Action
Bridging the Gap: Sharing Your Family's Life Stories
Trauma on the News: Should Children Watch?